Tim Etler

[email protected] ⯁ www.timetler.com

Major B.S. Computer Science

University of California, San Diego, 2010


Cofounder, Late 2013–Present

  • Frontend lead responsible for clientside pipeline, including performance, seo, build system, styles, interaction, monitoring, and usability.
  • Developed various sub products and sub systems such as chrome extensions, amp pages, micro services, and API servers.
  • Architected shared clientside and serverside page rendering stack using node.js and backbone with DOM view hydration.
  • Implemented backend features using express.js and postgres.


Full Stack Developer, 2011–2012

  • Worked on full web technology stack, using PHP, MySQL, prototype, and jQuery.
  • Created new feature pages with frontend and backend implementation.
  • Built a polished view for progressively loading very large finite lists.
  • Initiated frontend migration to backbone.


Internal Development Engineer Intern, 2010

  • Adopted and expanded utility of an internal project management webtool.
  • Designed new UI elements and administrative features using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and YUI.

UCSD Psychology Department

Website and Experiment Programmer, 2008–2010

  • Created online psychology experiments powered by PHP and MySQL.
  • Developed and designed a lab website with easy to use management tools for updating the site.

HILTI (Construction Tools)

Software Design Intern, 2008

  • Developed and designed a prototype GUI for the next generation version of their anchor design software.
  • Prototype application was built in Visual Studio using C#, and a Microsoft Ribbon style API.
  • OpenGL was used to create a 3D design environment to show off CAD features.
  • Resulting application based on the prototype followed the GUI closely and went on to win design awards.

IGMA (UCSD Musical Analysis)

Software Programmer, 2007–2008

  • Developed and designed a multiplayer Flash game designed to collect research data from player input.
  • Programmed a socket server in Java which managed the games state and communicated with a Flash client using XML messages.

Personal Projects

  • Sub - Lightweight DOM emulation layer for node.js.
  • Rule - CSS selector based templating engine written in coffeescript.
  • Live cooperative drawing program using a java socket server and Flash client using bitwise instructions for low bandwidth usage.
  • Re-wrote the above program using node.js and canvas.
  • Java socket server implementation of the websocket protocol.
  • Flash and actionscript engines and games.

Other Skills

  • Cooking, Drawing, Tetris, Mario Kart